The choice !

Its your decision….. Whether to get back to what you call hell or move on to a new life, a new chapter, but its not that easy at all, to just leave everything behind and be on your own and never look back,
You change places where you have been with that someone, to try to avoid what makes you remember the old days…..the old feeling, everything just torture you, makes you want to go bad….away,it’s tortures to see that person that far from you, happy without you, its just too much….too much to be handled on your own, you just want to break away and never look back to all what had happened, just to shut everything down and find a new place to have a new start , away from everything.

It may not be the solution but it really helps a lot, to be away, to forget about everything, to loose down the pressure, and to have the ability to think straight and get back on track of your life and that’s what really does matter….


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