The Choice 2–The Explanation

he stepped aside..gave up..declared his defeat and tried not to look back at what he left…the betrayal…everything seems so fake but        he’s trying to collect up the pieces of his broken heart and shattered soul

It’s not about what he left behind or what he had been through to get over’s all about the time wasted thinking it’s going to be forever…expecting the happily forever after finale to his great unforgettable love story,  the” you don’t always get you wish for”  sentence with the why me question is in his head…banging with other unanswered questions and  more..wondering if had done something wrong which led him to this chaos

Is being faithful a bad thing ?, sure he did something wrong to make her go away, but NO..he has done his best so fur and he couldn’t be asked for more, he just want to know why…he needs an explanation.. ,  Now There is nothing to be done other than to fully recover..forget about everything that reminds him of  her and move on..though it’s pretty hard, but it’s a MUST step

it’s just an emotionally painful experience, but eventually we have to go through such experiences to finally  make up our minds and see that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies and  life isn’t that good all the time

The Choice 1 :

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