Letters form you to her 2

On this special day I don’t know what to say, it’s has been four years since I last saw your face..held your hands..kissed you on the check..Oh God I miss you more than you can imagine…

My days aren’t the same anymore…it’s like I don’t wanna wake up and can’t find you right beside me …I don’t want meet people and answer their questions whether I’m coping or am I okay or fine…I don’t wanna see pity in their looks when they talk to me, I just want to say that I’m okay…she’s with me..she didn’t leave ..she’s always beside me..you all can’t even feel her around you , But I can..you may all have forgotten her , But I didn’t and won’t..Simply..she’s my life.

I forgot to tell you that I bought the dog you wanted me to buy the other day…he grew old now since the last time you saw him and also became fatter, But I’m trying to slim him down a bit..he doesn’t like to take walks in the morning…after a few times out he somehow began to like it more I do myself , Now he wakes me every morning..very active dog

I’ll write you whenever I have the chance to…

Forever yours,

Letters from you to her (part 1 ) : https://loaaz.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/letters-from-you-to-her-part-1/


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