The Deer and the lions…

Imagine walking down the street and feeling like a deer walking with caution trying not to grab lions’ attentions to not to be eaten and torn into pieces, that is the feeling we have each and every time we walk down the street, whether we dress badly or attractively..We drew lions'(Men) attention; sexual harassment has become one of the most dangerous phenomena in Egypt nowadays.

The Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights surveyed 2,000 Egyptian men and women and 109 foreign women in four governorates in the country, According to ( , including Cairo and Giza, about sexual harassment on Egyptian streets. They published their findings in 2008. Eighty-three percent of Egyptian women reported experiencing sexual harassment on the street at least once and nearly half of the women said they experience it daily. Ninety-eight percent of the foreign women surveyed reported experiencing sexual harassment while in Egypt. Wearing a veil did not appear to lessen a woman’s chances of being harassed. About 62 percent of Egyptian men admitted to perpetrating harassment.

The reason of the rapid growth of this phenomenon is always blamed on girls…not the boy for looking at girls in a horny way, fanaticizing about them and even has the courage to take the move to try what he sees on Television or on the internet to just satisfy his sexual needs in the current bad economic status, it is always girls’ fault for wearing whatever on her mind, not considering the horny guys on the street and that they’ll someday be raped just because guys cannot get married or cannot find a job.

Now, under the Islamic leadership, women is asked to stay at home because they turn guys on wherever they go, whatever they dress; and they claim that women are the main reason behind the spreading of this frightening phenomenon here in Egypt, forgetting that women live in a free country and each one is free to do whatever she wants to do, in a respectful way of course, and dress freely also.

They forgot to throw the blame on men for awhile now, to remind them that the girl/women they are harassing might be their mother/sister/wife one day, and they should put that in mind.

Sexual harassment should be put in consideration as a very important phenomenon that should be abolished forever, to retain the old reputation of the Egyptian men as courageous and respected men, not just horny animals looking for satisfying their sexual needs under any means.


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