Theory of Repulsion

At the first sight of the title, you thought it’s somehow related to mathematics or even physics, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with any of the natural sciences AT ALL, it has to do with US, Humans, it’s a human related theory and it’s already implemented by MOST people, But no one gave it a name or even identify it as a common behavior between people each and every single day.

The theory states that, when object A approaches object B with a constant distance in a long time interval, after a time T, object A and object B tend to approach more and more, and begin to have similar properties and charge, and at the end of the time interval, one of the objects repel because of the same charge and full repulsion takes place.

I just stated  the theory in a scientific way; it’s way simpler…I can guarantee that.
The theory is very easy to understand and also to implement; we all have tried it once before, but of course it’s not as we intended on doing it, But it’s the human nature, we like changes, we like not to be restricted to something or someone for a long time, unless he/she is a lover and things like that, even friends, we like to take a break away from them,  spend some time a part, to chitchat with other people who know nothing about us, get to know them too, or just be alone. It differs from one person to another, but the only thing we all agree on is that people need a break from other people.

On our attempt to have some time alone, we make a terrible mistake regarding the people surrounding us.
We just send the wrong signals all the time, we become more and more repulsive without even specking, the behaviors show it all, we see that the other person has become more and more nagging and just want to talk 24/7 and just can’t shut up at all, and that what’s TORTURE, We don’t wanna hurt them by saying bad words, they remain our friends bardo, we let our actions do what we couldn’t say, but eventually, everything is misunderstood, because simply we don’t have the guts to say that we NEED A BREAK….JUST A BREAK, and all of a sudden everything is turned upside down.

Theory of repulsion is not about friends taking break from other friends, it’s about friends getting sick of other friends, after being somehow close to each other, there comes a time were close friends’ attention strangle us…we feel like we are trapped, it’s a familiar feeling I guess!!, we respect that attention quite well, but too much is too bad, it’s very very repulsive sometimes.
we tend to repel away from them for awhile, for them to understand that we love and respect their support and attention, but  sometimes too much is too much, and again we make the same mistakes of the wrong signals, and it’s terribly misunderstood…and therefore we lose them like we never had them in the first place.

What I’m saying is that applying the theory of repulsion is good for us, as it’s very important to take a break from people, but when we intend to take a break, we just have to  make sure that our friends know what we feel and what we intend to do, maybe they’ll help …attract us back to them, and maybe theory of repulsion is reversed and become theory of attraction…..


2 thoughts on “Theory of Repulsion

  1. Oh My God Louaa This is just perfect. Totally described perfectly how i feel sometimes.
    I just love this. So simple and wonderful.

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