The choice 3– Maybe!

I could have been yours forever, if you hadn’t been like that.., Every time I see you with him…A part of me dies…Can’t help it at all!!

You are not mine anymore…or can I say for now?! , can’t control what I feel for you… Can’t let you go…I just can’t.

You were everything, you meant a lot, and you were my wish for a long time. Just an impossible dream coming true, but everything has an end, however I didn’t even think that our love was temporary or our love story would end before it begun…

Leaving everything behind…not caring about anything or anybody and just have you here beside me, it made me feel like owning the whole world, but in a blink of an eye…you were gone and you took everything with you and now with a stoned heart you just went out with him…As simple as that !!

Acting like you never knew me…never loved me…it’s just torned me inside. Oh my God was I a ghost that whole time? and I felt that I need to get you back, to be mine again…It turns out that I’m like any other  guy in your life..I wasn’t the one who owned your heart like you have always said. It’s turns out that I was nothing to you.

You know what’s sad now, that I was willing to get you back with any price…I’d accept what you have done and act like nothing happened…Stupid me!!, let me tell you something, now it’s not perhaps….It’s not maybe, I’m 100% sure this time that……..Now, I’ve escaped from your prison…cause simple you’ll never be loved again!!

The choice 2 – the explanation :

The choice! :


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