Theory of Repulsion 2

You may sometimes ask yourself if you were a nagging head to some of your friends, or the other way around, or not being there for them at all for some long time. You don’t know when it’s too much, or when you should have pushed it further much. You sometimes have something like a debate  in your head, to call or not to call, to be the one who’s always there, or to leave with the rest of your dignity and act like nothing happened. There’s a lot of thoughts inside, most of the time neither of what you want happen, you just get stuck in the middle, not able to make a decision, ‘that’s not right”  you always tell yourself that, you repeat it more than a billion time that you memorized it more than your own name. So what to do? Such a dilemma!

To understand the nature of human’s relationships, we just have to simplify it to the minimum. I have come up with a simple statement to sum up our relationship with each other, actually I took it from something I learned long ago, from physics, and it’s the definition of sound waves. Simply human’s relationships are no more than a series of compressions and rarefactions, and it’s very true, just trust me and see it the way I see it.

Imagine the series of compressions as being so close, and the series of rarefactions as being so far, and yes there is no in between in relationships, I don’t know why but there isn’t. Simply imagine having compressions all the way around, all the time, every single day, everywhere, you both talking talking and talking a lot – I’m not exaggerating at all – no space for either of you.
let me tell you that there are two scenarios in the inseparable case, one of them is that one side of the relationship will feel like a nagging head and repel on his/her own and you both are not friends anymore because of guilt, while the other is that both sides will express it clearly with “Anger or politeness” that a break is needed because it’s too much, and too much is too bad, and it may end or not, it depends.

You see in the second scenario that the two sides expressed the need for a break, I call the term “Break” in my theory “Rarefactions” -according to the original definition-, I see that it’s not all compressions all the time, it doesn’t work this way at all in real life, as we took the very wrong image of the perfect relationship from romantic movies, which is somehow more of a parallel universe than our own,  the thing is that you cannot keep running without taking a break,because you’ll be out of breath later…. it’s the same here, you need to take a break in order not to lose interest in your partner, to have some “Me” time without the other partner, even to be able to miss her/him…… you’ll not be able to have those feelings when you talk to each other every single second. It’s non sense.

I’m not saying that being intimate is a bad thing, on the contrary, I’m saying that as much as we go intimate, we need to take a break, imagine that you’re running… run for some time and you slow down, it’s somehow the same here, and as I said earlier….relationships are no more than a series of compressions and rarefactions, easy now, huh?.

Theory of repulsion   :


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