The choice 4 – The Great Finale!

A year ago, I was broken hearted, weak, feeling betrayed, lost and alone!….I’m not going to sit here and cry over what I’ve lost…NO WAY, I think I’m not the loser here.
you helped me as much as you hurt me, you showed me how much I’m stronger than I thought, it was much of a slap on my face than just a break up…you showed me that not all of my choices were right!, I needed to put what I had for you into words, I wanted to get you out of me…your laughs..your ups and downs…the way you got me like nobody did, simply….I needed to get you out of me…to break free from your prison.

Now, I can proudly say that you are no longer here…you are no longer inside me, I’ve kicked you out of my heart for good, nothing can bring you back inside me.

“She’ll never be loved again”…A line echoed in my head like a bell, I couldn’t get over the fact that everything has come to an end, but let me tell you that now… it’s like you never been in my life.

I think what wrote is just enough for you to know that you are out of my heart and life for good….. 






the Choice 3 – Maybe :

The Choice 2- the explanation :

The Choice : 


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