Friendship Theory

After some observation, I have a new theory about human relationships…friendships to be more specific. It’s called the tri-theory. Friendships between opposite genders, has three cases, Total acceptance, Awkward Stand and finally, the neutral stand.

The total acceptance is the total falling of both parties for each other in any stage in the friendship, it’s the only considered to be the best case if you see it from the friendship pt of view, because they have jumped into the relationship phase which has 2 cases whether they’ll end up together or not, so inside the best case still you have to dig deeper.

The second case, the awkward stand…Simply one of the two falls for the other and the love confession is postponed due to fear of rejection, losing the entire friendship, or jeopardizing the friendship at some point, and most of the time, that in love party cannot handle losing that person.

But once the confession is out, we have two cases…A total rejection and then total strangers, or just Mutual feelings and Bam we are back to the First case of “Total acceptance” with its cases in Relationship phase.

This brings us to the last case of “Neutral Stand”…I guess it is self explanatory…Nothing happens…No change…Yet, maybe you could have already categorized yourself in the “Neutral Stand” case, but you actually are in the “Awkward stand” case.

You just need to take a stand and see your exact case, and in all cases…Friendships are just blessings from Allah not anything else…and it’s been always like that.


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