The Corner – A List?

It’s so important to have a priority list; in order not to get lost in your life… we all must have it, at least in our minds. I usually write theories of my creation about human relationships, love, stuff like that…but today I’ve decided to switch to a whole new topic…a whole new thing, inspired by a movie I was watching but can’t really recall the name now :’D

I’ve thought about the list thingy for long now – for a couple of hrs to be honest – and I can say that like all the people out there, to have a priority list is important for you…Important for your career and saying all that sweet talk about the bright future we’re having in a few years after college.

But how about being different… having what I need to have but from a new perspective, it’s important to handle the shits of life in a more creative way than most people do…I’ve decided to have a BPD List… a Bucket-Priority-Dream List.

The 3 list complete each other for me… everything is just attached to each other; let me tell you about one thing I ticked out of the lists not long ago.
I have always loved animations since I was a child and mostly the dubbed into Egyptian Arabic ones, I’ve grown old wanting to do a role in any of these cartoons, last summer, after deciding to study to be an animator I had a chance to work in a production house for almost a month.
At first it was a learning experience for animating and digital art, but I’ve discovered that they have a dubbing studio, and they were dubbing a series from Chinese into Egyptian Arabic.
I was jumping out of joy like a 5 y/o girl -in my head :’D- because I had the chance to work on the scripts and even doing a couple of lines in the series itself, in addition to gaining experience in the digital art thingy.

I’m only saying this because I had the chance to do something I had long ago on both my dream and bucket list, along with something from my priority list…so after that realization, I’ve decided to merge them all three together, because at the end of the day…The things on the three lists, have the same level of importance to me.


Lastly, I’d like to share my top three things on my BPD list with you people 🙂

  1. Have my own animation company.
  2. Publish my first novel.
  3. Travel wherever I want with the people I love.




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