The Corner – I texted a guy!

OMG, why on earth didn’t he  understand my hints, He’s unbelievable!, I’m more upset now!… he just cannot get anything, he doesn’t even care *calling her best girlfriends and begin trashing the poor guy* .

That’s a normal sequence of conclusions women do when men don’t understand their very OBVIOUS-Texted hints when they want them to know their current state of being upset/happy/want s/t …Etc.
It’s not only between men and women, it’s between any two human beings having a conversation behind the computer screen…I’m not gonna analyze what happens exactly…I’m just gonna widen the scope a little and speak about the main action here, which is “Texting”.

How many times do you check your phone /Facebook/Twitter for texts?…spending a lot of time chatting behind the screen with most of your friends, that’s a good thing, but let’s take that a bit deeper, did you ever tell whether whoever you’re talking to is happy/sad/irritated/ wants to strangle you to death?, or actually the person you are talking with has the least idea about your current state?…you may be chatting with a sad face and some fewer words, but does the other person conclude that you’re not in your usual state just because you’re using some fewer words?… to be honest with you, I can notice that with few of my friends –not all- , but in most cases don’t expect that S/he will notice that change because you changed a word you were using before !

We have to get to a conclusion that we’re communicating via plain text, something shallow, toneless, lifeless, a series of data travelling between two computers not more than that…even using emoticons at some point won’t deliver what you want say at that particular moment the way we want it!

Previously I talked about the girl who trashed the poor guy because he didn’t get her plain text right!
The thing here is the person who you’re chatting with, won’t read your msgs the way you wanted it to be read, S/he will read it just like it’s written, no between the lines things…not like the way you pictured it in your head, not like the way you’d tell it face to face…because they’re just some words, some plain text..And based on that, lots of misunderstandings happen.

At the end of my talk I’d like to say…if you really wanna to talk with someone….not to be misunderstood, just pick up your phone and have that chat live – we have Skype too-, or just meet up for a cup of coffee or wtv and have it face to face, it doesn’t have to be a serious matter for you to meet up with your friends…consider it like your chat window/mobile screen but live with your friends in flesh and bones! 🙂


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