The Corner – Creative? Think Again!

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer screen for almost 2 hours now, begging my head to get out of the box, to influence me to write something new, creative, readable, for you to enjoy.
but wait a second!, I said that I’m creative, but am I ? or just I’m imagining things?.
let’s define being “Creative”..a creative person is a person who thinks outside the box, a person who come up with ideas out of the ordinary…a person who is original in every single thing S/he does; but this is the ideal definition of creative, the kind of definition you might find in a dictionary..a parallel universe maybe..but not in real life, it’s a bit complicated…you may disagree with me now, but just bear with me and you’ll be convinced at the end.

while reading that definition, I may think that I’m creative…I come up with good stuff out of the blue – of course -, I always think outside the box, but am I creative? in the company of my computer and my writings..I’ll always say that with big confidence, before even getting out to the big crowd, to the harshest people; but when I decide to get it out to them, doubts start crawling to my brain, doubting every word I have written, every metaphor I have come up with, every single detail…and at the end of the day, I come up with that conclusion…I’m not creative, I’m not even good, I may think that I’ve come out of the box, but in reality I’m outside mine but inside someone else’s..

Oh my God I cannot take it, I’m not even creative, was the dictionary lying to me ? oh Mr Dictionary I’ve trusted you and you betrayed my trust !..but why the lying? you said that I’m creative, right?…every single description in that definition says that I’m creative, maybe I misunderstood it, or maybe people don’t appreciate creativity that much, or they don’t get me or my creative..very creative work, oh people..give me a break, I’ve been trying to be creative all weekend to write that article for you to enjoy..anyway, my computer finds it creative, he saves it on the harddisk with pleasure..

when it comes to people, you won’t find that constant agreement on something, the comments will vary, the criticism will come in different shapes and forms, sometimes you’ll get tons of bad criticism and one or two good ones, and vice versa, it doesn’t mean that you’re not creative in what you’re doing, or you shouldn’t try again, to come up with something better, more creative, more innovative…sometimes it’s just a matter of luck, Just don’t make it hold you back in the “I’m not good at anything” corner, just because a bunch of people didn’t like it.
this is actually reminded me of a quote a friend of mine told me a couple of days ago saying “One man’s ew is another man’s woaah”.

you may not be creative in the eyes of some people, but a great innovative mind in the eyes of others, don’t let such judgment stop you from being creative in what you do…I’m not saying that you shouldn’t care about people’s opinions in your work, their opinions are needed..needed big time, needed for your work to progress and for you as a person to progress too, but what’s more important above all that…is you having confidence in your work, to be sure that you made up something unique..creative…for people to enjoy or even for yourself, you may feel like you’re no good in what you do, you may feel like a total loser, don’t let that feeling get into your soul and make it affect yourself-esteem and confidence..because only matters when you have the confidence within you…in your work, that you made something worth sharing…worth the time spent while doing it…worth every single thing.

And when you have doubts in your ability to be creative..just think again.



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