The Corner – We Need To Talk!

At the beginning of any long vacation, I always have that long list of the things I wanna do during that vacation, and after a couple or maybe 3 past vacations I’ve discovered that I didn’t do any of the previous lists, I only plan, I always have the things in my head, It’s like I have the perfect scenario and I also imagine when I’m done with the whole list, but actually, I didn’t do any of these things, I only did it inside my head.

After a long time, I’ve to admit that I’m lazy, I just sometimes have the best plans in my head but when it comes to the execution part, my coach feels more comfortable and more attractive than it usually seems.
It’s hard to take action; it’s always hard to take the first step, but my scumbag brain prefers to take action inside his walls only, and is too lazy to send signals to the rest of my body to start working, sometimes I just wanna shut it down for good and get a fresh new one!

A friend once told me that after long time of planning perfect ideas only without actually attempting to do it, it’s discouraging to plan anything new now or even saying that “I’m gonna do it” cause at the end of the day, Nothing happens.
Let me tell you something, we lack a very important thing, not only motivation but also taking action and picturing the effect of whatever we’re doing on ourselves on the long term.

Nothing is accomplished using the short route or even in the short term, we need to put that in mind, because like anything else we wanna see the effect as soon as we can, but some things just tend to take longer and we tend to lose our patience with it in a faster rate and that’s not cool at all.

In my opinion, taking the first step is the most important thing, because the minute you take action everything just follows smoothly, but again we have the ability to ruin it and make it seem impossible, by having very large goal, long term ones which will have an effect after a very long time, and that simply discourages us; after realizing that we’ll reach what we want after a very long, which only results in not attempting on having the list in the first place and not taking advantage of some of the wasted time.

I’m only saying that it’s great to have that long list of things to do during vacation, but what’s more important is having rational things on that list, some short term goals, simple things that lead eventually to a big goal you’re trying to achieve.
It’s like a puzzle, you put small pieces together to form the bigger picture, it’s the same thing here, you do small goals to reach that mega goal at the end.
And it’s your choice, whether to put unambiguous lists and complicated ones and getting discouraged easily by the those impossible goals, or just have the talk with your brain and having the simple lists to take action and actually accomplishing something.


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