Out Loud.

I’ve always thought at expressing my gratitude, thankful for my family, the life I’m living, my studies, my amazing friends, the most beautiful random people I get to meet, the people I got to work with and actually the people who taught me much; I seriously thought I was like that, but lately, I found out that I’m not any of those, I’m not even grateful for any of the above.

We do share some words over the internet, expressing our gratitude over the things we have in our lives, writing lengthy articles and posts, getting mega likes and that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.
You just showed other people what you have, you didn’t actually show gratitude to any of the important people in your life, you parents, friends, teachers, whoever taught you anything about yourself or about anything else.

You’ll say that they know that you’re grateful for them, their presence and for everything they’re giving you and doing for you so; you don’t need to say it.
Till this point I agree with you, but it’s of a great deal actually expressing and showing gratitude out loud, spilling it out, “Thank You”, “I’m Grateful for you”, “I have learnt a lot from you, Thank you”, “I’d not trade the world for you, My great Friend/Supporter”.

It does make a HUGE HUGE difference, but the great thing about these people, they don’t wait for such things, the important people in your life don’t wait until you thank them to help, love or support you; They are just great on so many levels.

Be grateful, don’t join the ungrateful team unconsciously, don’t take anything for granted, always show gratitude, not through tagged Post on Facebook and punch of void emoticons, show it by actions.
You never know when a simple “Thank you” makes one’s day, lifts a spirit.

The fact that I’m saying this, doesn’t mean I do all of the above, I’m saying it now because I found out that I was ungrateful for so long, I didn’t appreciate the people I know right, I took all for granted, as if they knew I was thankful; I am, but they really need to hear it with their own ears, feel it with their hearts.

Because at the end of the day, what goes around, comes back around.

And No, Instagram doesn’t count either!

Thank you for Reading 🙂


One thought on “Out Loud.

  1. It is a good one though… I wish you to be that kind of person really, the one that appreciates everything even the little ones, you are a smart girl, always have and always will but your problem is since we were kids, unfortunately your arrogance. Try to change that, try not to be negative, try to be friendly and finally try not to be violent babe 🙂

    Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 22:37:46 +0000
    To: omni.mohamed@live.com

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